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Eat To Live [entries|friends|calendar]
Dr. Fuhrman's Eat To Live: Healthy Weight Loss and

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[24 Mar 2012|12:54pm]

Hey! Looks like this community is pretty dead, but I'm looking for an online buddy to do the 6-week program with me. Any takers?
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[07 Apr 2008|02:17pm]

Hey there,

I just joined the community. I'm currently waiting for my copy of the book to arrive in the mail in a week or two. I know the community isn't very active (dead, perhaps?), but I'm looking forward to trying this plan to help me loose a bit of weight (around 15kg/33lbs). I have looked into other programs with lots of good reviews like WW and JC, however being vegan, I find those kind of programs a little awkward to use.

I'm going to try and adhere to the 6-week plan 100% and go from there. I'm already exercising and doing strength training, it's mostly my diet that lets me down (too many quick, processed foods and not enough fresh fruits and veggies). I hope to be starting ETL after I move (I'll have access to farmer's markets!) and have completely read the book properly. Perhaps if anyone is still around here we can get this community moving a little more in the near future?
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For lovers of fine food... [27 Jul 2006|09:56am]


For lovers of fine food...

A friend of mine runs a vegan food blog, and there's an RSS feed to LiveJournal available. The food is yummy, and incudes recipes for risottos, home baked breads - and even homemade sweet chilli sauce! Yum!

Most of the recipes are Eat-To-Live compliant.

She has tested everything, so please consider subscribing, either via the RSS feed at LJ, or directly to the Blog. Here are the links:

LJ feed: reynardsfeast
Direct link to the Blog: Reynards Feast
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[03 Sep 2005|07:32pm]

I'm going to start the 6 Week Program tomorrow. Has anyone tried it out? Any successes? I made a few attempts this year, but I wasn't creative with the menu. My taste buds were dying for something different. I just couldn't find anything that I wouldn't get sick of after a few days.

Regardless, I'm doing this again, and I plan on succeeding this time :)
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New to the community [08 Aug 2005|03:39pm]


I'm new to the Eat To Live program, and am just about to embark on the 6 week program. Is this community actually active at all, and if so how are other people faring on the Eat To Live program?
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